One to One Photography Tuition

£55 per hour or 3 hours for £145

Currently offering remote sessions via video call due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Tuition on:

  • Technical camera skills
  • Portrait photography
  • Landscape photography
  • Editing (Lightroom/Photoshop etc)

  • Landscape Photography
  • Landscape focussed photography techniques
  • Recommended gear
  • Post editing techniques
  • Planning natural lighting
  • Composition
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  • Editing (Lightroom/Photoshop etc)
  • Covering a wide range of editing suites
  • Basic and advanced editing techniques
  • Colour Correction
  • Photo Manipulation
  • Lots and lots more..
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  • Technical Camera Skills
  • Complete coverage of photography basics
  • Getting to know your camera
  • Understand the use of different lenses
  • Understanding different camera settings
  • Looking at other gear that might be useful
  • Portrait Photography
  • A look at portrait specific photography
  • Posing and composing your subject
  • Lighting techniques
  • Studio equipment
  • Creative styles
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About Me

As a successful wedding photographer and hobbyist landscape and travel photographer I have decided to share my expertise with fellow photographers who are looking for more in-depth and tailored tutoring.

In these one to one sessions you are getting more than what your average online tutorial gives you. You are able to get personal support on specific subjects and questions to become better aquatinted with your inner photographer. These sessions focus on your photography style and how you can achieve your desired photos.

Bespoke one to one sessions get you in the front seat and all your questions answered as we go. You can start from the very beginning or jump into something more specific that you need to know such as studio lighting, artistic and creative methods and other advances techniques.


Basic Photography (technical use of your Camera)

This topic touches on the camera that you are using and how to understand the basics of shooting manual. What do all those buttons and settings do? How do I control the photo and the lighting to get the picture that I want. What is Shutter Speed, Aperture and ISO and how do they work together.

Intermediate Photography (A look at everything else)

So you have the basics under your belt, you can understand shooting on manual and feel confident about it. But when do you apply which settings to achieve that dusky sunset look, that slow moving cityscape or star trails? What about composition and how can you make the most of the scene and make it as interesting in the photograph as you felt in real life when taking that shot? This advanced session talks about how you can move on from understanding the technicalities about your camera and start working with it artistically to achieve your desired photography.

Advanced Photography (Not for the novice)

The advanced level talks about lighting techniques, other creative techniques such as lagging the shutter, bronzer method, stacking, exposure bracketing, focus bracketing and many more advanced subjects. Here we can also talk about colours within your images and how to correct this using your white balance, grey cards and even post production methods to achieve the perfect histogram.

Editing Sessions

The editing sessions can be tailored to the software that you are using listed below:

Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Lightroom
On1 Photo Raw
Capture One
Alien Skin Exposure
Luminar 4
Aurora HDR

I can also offer Final Cut Pro Editing tutorials for beginners

These sessions will look at using the software for what you need without having to spend countless hours wasted on watching online tutorials which don’t have the information you’re looking for.