Behind The Lens - David

Hi! I’m David, i’m a professional photographer specialising in Weddings, Portraits, Travel & Landscape. I am based in Cambridgeshire but find myself travelling all over the world to try and capture all the things that are beautiful in life whether its a sunset over the River Selous in Tanzania the first married kiss of a beautiful couple in Redwood Forest California or the laughter of the best man’s punchline. All that matters to me when it comes to photography is the importance of portraying whats actually happening in a still image. I do not tend to pose or manipulate photos often unless its needed. Instead I like to use a watchful eye and capture the real moments as they occur because those are the ones that you want to remember.
My photography approach is very relaxed and playful sometimes. My clients often tell me how comfortable they are with me and how I end up being like one of the guests. Having people relax in front of the lens really takes away this awkward shots and instead generates true laughter and love. My business is named after my daughter as it is her who inspires me to capture the special moments in life, so that one day I can show her all the incredible things I have seen in my life and they will be as true as the moment itself.

My Wedding Day

Being married gives me a different kind of experience that photography qualifications can’t teach you. I have been married to my wife for 7 years and been together for 12, We have two beautiful daughters and are still as in love as the day we met. Our wedding day was as smooth as possible, of course we had our hiccups such as the gridlock on the M1 the night before the wedding trapping me until 1am, but the day went on without a glitch. Our photographer was good and unnoticeable most of the day, he captured little details and moments that I didn’t even notice until we received the photos back weeks later. Your wedding day disappears as fast as it arrives and knowing what is going all around you is very difficult when you two are the centre of attention. Thats why I love to capture the more unnoticeable details for the happy couple so that when they look back at their pictures they can feel like they are not only reliving the day but in a different way.

Behind The Lens - Emily

When I was growing up I always had a camera in hand on family holidays. I can still find photo albums now of when I was 6 or 7 and they’re full of the photos I took, some of them awful, some of them pretty good given my age.  My dad used to say to me “make sure you look at the image in the camera and imagine it will go straight into a frame when it’s printed out”. Ever since then I’ve always composed photos with the idea that I’m going to hang them straight on a wall. This is why I got into wedding photography.  I want to take the photos that end up on people’s walls.  

Being tasked with capturing the memories of one of the most special days of people’s lives is one of the proudest jobs I’ve ever been given. Each wedding is different, each bride and groom are new people to meet, and each day is another exciting task for me to put my creativity to the test and get those pictures ready for people’s walls.  I still get flattered every time a couple look at my work and choose me to photograph their wedding.